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About lamps

The induction lamp represents the luminescence lamp of new generation which consumes much less energy, has stable electro-light characteristics, is distinguished by safety and durability.

Design features of induction lamps

The main difference of such devices from other gas discharge lamps is in lack of filaments or thermocathodes inside. Construction of an induction lamp is simple:

  • magnetic ring with the induction coil;
  • gas-discharge tube with absolute tightness which inside has a phosphor covering;
  • electronic ballast.

about lamps

How does the induction lamp work

The principle of functioning is based on the gas discharge necessary for generation of a visible luminous flux, and on electromagnetic induction. The high-frequency current which passes through the induction coil of a magnetic ring is developed by means of an electronic ballast. The coil and the magnet are responsible for creation of gas discharge in a high-frequency electromagnetic field. As a result, under the influence of its ultraviolet light, the phosphor begins to shine.

Comparing induction lamps with counterparts

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