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The start-control equipment serves for start and maintenance of effective work of a light source. Application of PRA allows to create high efficiency of the lighting fixture, to achieve instant switching on of the lamp, to avoid flicker, to provide long term of service, saves a stable luminous flux in case of voltage variations.

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Key features and nomenclature
Vendor code Name Dimensions Suitable for lamp Cos џ The weight
010501 ITL HFB 40w 140х80х45 ITL-RT40w
 0.99 420
010502 ITL HFB 80w 180х80х45 ITL-RT80w
0,99 660
010504 ITL HFB 120w 180х80х45 ITL-RT120w
 0.99 660
010505 ITL HFB 150w 180х80х45 ITL-RT150w
0,99 660
010506 ITL HFB 200w 180х80х45 ITL-RT200w
 0.99 660
010507 ITL HFB 250w 205х115х50 ITL-RT250w
 0.99 1050
010508 ITL HFB 300w 205х115х50 ITL-RT300w
0.99 1050


  • Due to active filtering it can be applied in a low-quality power line with voltage variations
  • Excludes influence of pulse fields during operating time of electric motors and power units
  • The device is designed taking into account resistance to vibroloadings
  • Due to application of electronic microelements of industrial function uninterrupted operation in conditions with wide range of temperatures is provided

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