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The ITL FL-002 model – is completed with original lamp of ITL ST (120-200 W). Due to the broad range of color temperature and a stable luminous flux, perfectly copes with tasks of illumination of facades of buildings, building sites, the yards, parking, guarded territories and secure facilities. FL-002 body material – electrostatic, processed aluminum alloy received by a molding method under pressure. A protection class — IP 65.


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  For lighting in buildings   ITL-RT lamps
  Protection against corrosion   1st class of electric protection
  Certification for the EEC countries   Certification for the Russian Federation

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Key features and nomenclature
Vendor code Name Power Light flow Cos џ The weight
020402 0400 ITL-FL002 120 W 120 W 10 200 lm 0,99 8,1 кг
020402 0500 ITL-FL002 150 W 150 W 12 750 lm 0,99 8,7 кг
020402 0600 ITL-FL002 200 W 200 W 17 000 lm 0,99 9,5 кг


  • The PRA body is from aluminum alloy made by a molding method under pressure. It is processed with anticorrosive powder.
  • Aluminum reflector of high purity with electrochemical polishing and anodizing.
  • Latches from stainless steel
  • The tempered «CrystalGlass» glass. Coefficient of light transmission capability of 97%


  • The reflector is processed by method of electrochemical polish and anodizing, protected from oxidation and corrosion
  • Resistance to UF radiation: the cover plate saves an invariable transmission coefficient

Fastening method

  • Outside or internal mounting

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