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This lighting fixture is developed together with the plant specializing in production of the explosion-proof equipment since 1932. The explosion-proof lighting fixture with an induction lamp is an economy of the electric power and convenience of service. The technology of induction lighting in the reliable body allowed to increase the term of operation and term of a service cycle of a lamp twice.


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Key features and nomenclature
Vendor code Name Power Light flow Cos џ The weight
020601 0200 ITL-Ex001 80 W Горекс Квант-80 80 W 5 000 lm 0,99 7,2 кг


  • The PRA body is from aluminum alloy made by a molding method under pressure. It is processed with anticorrosive powder.
  •  The diffuser from heat-resistant polycarbonate.

Область применения

Explosion-proof induction lighting fixtures are intended for illumination of gas station, tunnels, parkings, the subway, warehouses and other objects with special requirements to lighting because of availability of flammable substances. Besides, lighting fixtures of this type are expected to be used in the processes of mining, chemical production, transportation and oil refining and gas, and also in the fields of activity connected with high risk of emergence of an explosive environment in production and warehouse, on the open areas.

Виды крепления

  • Накладной поворотный кронштейн
  • Planck Laid on swinging bracket for embedding under a canopy, for use at gas station and Gas Filling Station


  • It is certified for application in the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Guarantee:5 years — on a lamp and ECG, 2 years — on the lighting fixture body
  • Term of service: 85 000 hours (9,7 years of a continuous luminescence)

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