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Energy savings

Energy conservation — a priority for government and business. Across the country — it is the problem of depletion, energy limbs plus the global destruction of the environment, in the realities of the business — regularly increasing costs for energy consumption due to the constant increase in tariffs.

Options for energy savings to date is not much. European practice in the field of energy saving develops in 3 main areas:

The use of asynchronous motors with frequency converter
The introduction of AMR — Automatic power control and accounting system
Reconstruction of lighting systems
ITL The company offers solutions for the reconstruction of lighting systems. The basis of the decisions — modern lamps with electrodeless induction lamps, which reduce energy consumption by 70 percent (compared to the old inefficient light sources — lamps DRL).

This section contains:

Environmentally friendly

New energy-saving technologies — it’s not just high energy standards but no harmful effects on humans and the environment. We appeal facts proving ecological use of induction lighting.

Comparison of energy saving projects

Justification Energy on a real example of light machine-building plant. The data on the reduction of energy costs and a return on investment when using induction lamps compared to other light sources. We are ready to do for you the individual payback calculation for that complete the application form.

energy efficiency Calculator

This tool allows you to express calculation estimated payback of your project.

With real projects carried out with the use of ITL fixtures can be found in the Projects.

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