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ITL Company is a manufacturer of modern, fuel-efficient induction lighting fixtures under the same brand «ITL».

Sale of lighting products «ITL», as well as the provision of professional services in the field of pre-work, design and installation of induction lighting is carried out by official dealers.

In order to expand markets and in accordance with the strategy of large-scale promotion of its own products, the company «ITL» invites to cooperation:

  • specialized wholesale and retail trade companies;
  • companies engaged in assembly or construction business;
  • design organizations;
  • companies whose activities are related to the engineering and implementation of energy-efficient systems and technologies.

We offer ITL dealers favorable business conditions and operational support for a comprehensive team of professionals:

  • modern high-quality products;
  • operational uninterrupted supply of lamps;
  • Individual reservations-stock;
  • operational maintenance and warranty service;
  • a strong information support: Complete documentation of the products to marketing, industry and regulatory material;
  • training partner specialists;
  • support for participation in tenders, competitions, auctions;
  • joint promotion and PR: exhibitions, conferences, seminars, advertising.

The interest in commercial success and loyalty in relationships, efficiency in solving «ITL» dealer issues and the company — a pledge of mutual prosperity in a competitive market.

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